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98's Borneo

Friday, December 11, 2015, 09:52

Hello, todaaaayyy, I came up with something to share with you guys. Since this year's going to end very soon, so it'll be about my 2K15 highlight!

I swear 2015 is the most though year for me since I'm sitting for my big big examination which is a national examination that's necessary to be taken by all fifth-year secondary school student in Malaysia. Now here I am, outlay my time to write a blog bc I'm bored *smh*

So, speaking of 2015... I'd like to say, this year taught me a lot so far. 
I remembered last year, I thought this year is going to be wonderful but it turns out to be completely twisted. I can say that my life is exhaustively fucked up. 

I used to have so many friends. But then, I guessed we all grows up and things started to change. Out of 20 friends, and now I only have 10% of them till' this day and I hope nothing is going to change that anymore. Back then, I hate going to school. Nothing is going to change my second thought about going to school. Once I don't feel like going, I ain't going, no matter how I much I'm miffed when my parents started to lecture me. I have this one pal which I considered her as a sister from another. To be cleared, she is my best best mate, my neighbor, the one I grew up with since we're in kindergarten which I think I can't live without. She is in the same class with me, we sit next to each other, we ride to school together, we went everywhere together that people get us wrong thinking we're actually kin. So here's the point, whenever she'll going to be absent at school, I skipped school. Making up with various excuses to my parents saying it's school's sports day and I don't have to attend. Why? Because I hate going to school without a companion. I'm sick of getting those eyes on me when I'm walking lonely in school, it is just not my thing to be lonely at school. But now here I am, missing school days and stuff. I regretted all those days I've been absent now I miss those boisterous surroundings. But it's a thing to be learned, after all, I promise to myself, that I will contrive a bigger circle when I get to be in another place. Which means, I will make more new acquaintances so I won't be having like only one close friend and their absent caused discouragement in me. I've learned that it's actually ok to be alone sometimes. 

Monday, March 23, 2015, 07:19

a shot to kill the pain
 a pill to drain the shame
   a purge to stop the gain
     a cut to break the vein
       a smoke to ease the crave 
         a drink to win the game
           an addiction's an addiction
              it always hurts the same
                because we're all addicted to something that takes away the pain

Thursday, March 19, 2015, 21:54

I believe each one of us has that one song
which when it was played sudden,
you get an unexpected 
but vivid recurrence 
of a 
past experience,
n o s t a l g i a.

That random flashback,
doesn't matter
if it is a positive
or negative one, it just pops out 
randomly in your mind
and makes you remembered
of the old times 
you ever had with anyone

, 21:28

You asked, 
"what is the scariest part?" 

I answer; 
the scariest part
is not the feeling of loneliness 
or the darkness that fills you
despite the loomingpain
of emptiness

The scariest part is 
the realization
that you have lost yourself
sinking in as you lay awake
on your brightly colored sheets
at 245am
because you lost the ability to sleep
and you can't even 
shed a single tear
because you don't even care

Sunday, September 07, 2014, 03:20

I am Flory, better known as Flory Kiu. 20. My king and queen eldest figlie. I have a brother which is 8 years
younger than me. I am 155cm tall. Such a stitch, I know. I am currently studying Bachelor of Interior Design in Johor Bahru. I am a Sino. Which means my dad is Chinese and my mom is Dusun. 

50 Facts About Me

  1. Flory Kiu Gin Ee is my full name, as far as I knew the name 'Flory' was picked by my dad's eldest sis
  2. Pisces
  3. Fear of bugs. Most of all, COCKROACHES
  4. God, Family, and Friends
  5. 4 turn on : Melodies of a piano, well-dressed, humor, tattoos
  6. 4 turn offs : Excessive cologne, narcissists guy, pervert, trammel
  7. 6 piercings
  8. So much hate for Maths.
  9. I don't eat shrimp. But if you ever see me eating shrimp, it's probably because I'm starving and there's no choice
  10. I can barely walk in wedges. I prefer pumps
  11. Pistanthrophobia I have major trust issues
  12. More fluent in speaking Malay even tho I'm half-blood Chinese
  13. Atelophobia
  14. I have a fascination over foods that taste sour. I can even resist the sourness of a lime that stuffed with an asam boi
  15. Just the general banging together of silverware makes me chafed
  16. Introvert, YES!
  17. Western foods are my all time fav
  18. I have this bad habit where I habitually bite or peel the skin off my lips
  19. Stubborn as hell
  20. I'm the worst at controlling my ego. But I only have that sense of ego with whom I am comfortable with
  21. Irritant of being called 'skinny'
  22. There are lot of secrets I keep inside and tend not to tell anyone because '11'
  23. Spent money excessively
  24. I'm a highly sensitive person
  25. A pair of tiny ear 
  26. Eat a lot but never get fat. All the fats prolly move to my face ew
  27. I'm not ur type of loyal sweetheart I swear 
  28. My life goal is to be successful in education and employment 
  29. Fashion is my passion 
  30. I'm voracious 
  31. I get discomfit when people ask me my full name
  32. Stage fright 
  33. Lowkey an automotive enthusiast 
  34. Love to blow up my speakers because I can't stand my thoughts
  35. I'm that valiant type when it comes to experiencing something innovative
  36. I stand with the Catholic
  37. I never had my shower before 7pm unless I have an event to attend
  38. I'm super incredibly annoyed of people who desperately seek for my time and waste it with unimportant matter
  39. I have been a victim of bullying before
  40. I talk to myself a lot lol
  41. Left-handed 
  42. Fries yey
  43. I have no idea where's my birthmark
  44. Social anxiety
  45. I am hypersensitive of cat's fur
  46. I love any work that is related to designing
  47. My aspiration is to be a stewardess but I'm a shorty 
  48. I have this type of habit where I left people hanging, like most of the time ngek
  49. Fav color? Turquoise
  50. Down for anything new
That's it, 50 facts aren't enough to describe me. Even I don't really understand myself so I have my friends to rally round with it. Thank you guys!