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98's Borneo

Sunday, September 07, 2014, 03:20

I am Flory, better known as Flory Kiu. 20. My king and queen eldest figlie. I have a brother which is 8 years
younger than me. I am 155cm tall. Such a stitch, I know. I am currently studying Bachelor of Interior Design in Johor Bahru. I am a Sino. Which means my dad is Chinese and my mom is Dusun. 

50 Facts About Me

  1. Flory Kiu Gin Ee is my full name, as far as I knew the name 'Flory' was picked by my dad's eldest sis
  2. Pisces
  3. Fear of bugs. Most of all, COCKROACHES
  4. God, Family, and Friends
  5. 4 turn on : Melodies of a piano, well-dressed, humor, tattoos
  6. 4 turn offs : Excessive cologne, narcissists guy, pervert, trammel
  7. 6 piercings
  8. So much hate for Maths.
  9. I don't eat shrimp. But if you ever see me eating shrimp, it's probably because I'm starving and there's no choice
  10. I can barely walk in wedges. I prefer pumps
  11. Pistanthrophobia I have major trust issues
  12. More fluent in speaking Malay even tho I'm half-blood Chinese
  13. Atelophobia
  14. I have a fascination over foods that taste sour. I can even resist the sourness of a lime that stuffed with an asam boi
  15. Just the general banging together of silverware makes me chafed
  16. Introvert, YES!
  17. Western foods are my all time fav
  18. I have this bad habit where I habitually bite or peel the skin off my lips
  19. Stubborn as hell
  20. I'm the worst at controlling my ego. But I only have that sense of ego with whom I am comfortable with
  21. Irritant of being called 'skinny'
  22. There are lot of secrets I keep inside and tend not to tell anyone because '11'
  23. Spent money excessively
  24. I'm a highly sensitive person
  25. A pair of tiny ear 
  26. Eat a lot but never get fat. All the fats prolly move to my face ew
  27. I'm not ur type of loyal sweetheart I swear 
  28. My life goal is to be successful in education and employment 
  29. Fashion is my passion 
  30. I'm voracious 
  31. I get discomfit when people ask me my full name
  32. Stage fright 
  33. Lowkey an automotive enthusiast 
  34. Love to blow up my speakers because I can't stand my thoughts
  35. I'm that valiant type when it comes to experiencing something innovative
  36. I stand with the Catholic
  37. I never had my shower before 7pm unless I have an event to attend
  38. I'm super incredibly annoyed of people who desperately seek for my time and waste it with unimportant matter
  39. I have been a victim of bullying before
  40. I talk to myself a lot lol
  41. Left-handed 
  42. Fries yey
  43. I have no idea where's my birthmark
  44. Social anxiety
  45. I am hypersensitive of cat's fur
  46. I love any work that is related to designing
  47. My aspiration is to be a stewardess but I'm a shorty 
  48. I have this type of habit where I left people hanging, like most of the time ngek
  49. Fav color? Turquoise
  50. Down for anything new
That's it, 50 facts aren't enough to describe me. Even I don't really understand myself so I have my friends to rally round with it. Thank you guys!